Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

Well, the day finally came last week and we have moved into our new offices!  It's great to be back and enjoying the new look and have a little privacy to do business.  The Scout Shop has also moved into their temporary area which is located in the warehouse.  You may soon be entering in the north door which is the warehouse main door to do any business with the Scout Shop or Staff.  We will let you know as best we can as we rely on the Contractors to give us the time lines.

The North parking lot has been repaved and looks great.  The stripping will take place in the next day or so and then we will have you park in that area as we close of the south side.

We have our new phone system now and we are still learning all about it.  If for some reason, you get disconnected, please call us back because we probably hit the wrong button!  This too will pass.

We anticipate the end of April before being completely done so again, please bear with us as we try to conduct business in a friendly and professional manner with little inconvenience to you as possible.

New pavement

Used to be the Scout Shop Counter area

The Scout Shop- gutted

Old carpet coming out

Happy Scouting!

Blogmaster Scotto


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