Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

Lots of progress at the Scout Office over the past few weeks.  The parking lot is ready to be asphalted. The new Air Conditioning/Heating units are in, the Scout Shop area is coming together nicely, and the bathrooms are being tiled!

The new ceiling grid and tiles are going up this week and the walls have the initial coat of paint and texture.  Even the new security cages are installed!

We are looking at the end of May before we are ready to make the move and we can't wait to show this place off!

New patio area (we saved the tree!)

Parking lot

More parking lot!

Framing for the new patio

First concrete pour

Friday, March 31, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

This week has been very productive.  The new Air Conditioning/Heating Units are installed and new duct work is taking place.  Both restrooms have been demolished and the plumbers are heard at work remodeling them (they will now be ADA).  A few of the display cases are installed and we are anxiously waiting for the Millwork (carpenters) to finish building all the cabinets.  If you drive by, you will see that the parking lots on the east side is no longed there.  Grant Construction has removed the asphalt and all the concrete that will be replaced soon.

We are anticipating a mid-May completion and we are ready!

New wall mounted toilets will be attached to the plumbing in this picture

Plumbing connections

Display cases

New Fireplace area

Outside dirtwork

Old patio area (we are leaving the tree!!)

Happy Scouting.

Blogmaster Scotto

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting!

What two weeks can do in a renovation!.  Last week while many of us were enjoying Spring Break, the contractors were working hard tearing out the old.  The main area where the Scout Shop was, the counter, the walls, dressing rooms, and the bathrooms have been totally removed.  The pavement on the west side has been repaved and is open for parking.  The building has now spayed on insulation which will help us keep our heating and air conditioning bills down. 

I have included many pictures of what this past week brought us- enjoy and thanks for your ongoing support and patience.

Old entrance to the Scout Service Center

Men's Bathroom

Ladies Bathroom

Part of the Conference Room

Ceiling with the new sprayed-on insulation

Entrance to the offices

Happy Scouting!
Blogmaster Scotto

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

Well, the day finally came last week and we have moved into our new offices!  It's great to be back and enjoying the new look and have a little privacy to do business.  The Scout Shop has also moved into their temporary area which is located in the warehouse.  You may soon be entering in the north door which is the warehouse main door to do any business with the Scout Shop or Staff.  We will let you know as best we can as we rely on the Contractors to give us the time lines.

The North parking lot has been repaved and looks great.  The stripping will take place in the next day or so and then we will have you park in that area as we close of the south side.

We have our new phone system now and we are still learning all about it.  If for some reason, you get disconnected, please call us back because we probably hit the wrong button!  This too will pass.

We anticipate the end of April before being completely done so again, please bear with us as we try to conduct business in a friendly and professional manner with little inconvenience to you as possible.

New pavement

Used to be the Scout Shop Counter area

The Scout Shop- gutted

Old carpet coming out

Happy Scouting!

Blogmaster Scotto


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

We are almost done with Phase 1 of the renovation!  Furniture has been placed, flooring is finished, and we've started some initial moving of items.

We are excited that the west parking lot has lots of ADA upgrades and will soon have new asphalt.  Once that's done, visitors will be able to park on the west side as we close the east side for renovation.

Soon, we will be switching our phone system to Voice over Internet which will allow us better customer service.  Once this takes place, there maybe a phone outage but we will try to give everyone some notice of this.  In addition, the Scout Shop will close for 2 days to move that operation from the current location to the new warehouse located in the new area of the building.  This will only be temporary so bear with us.  We will announce that closing as soon as we know.  Please plan ahead and CALL before coming to the Shop.  We will not be able to do any business during this window.

Staff Break Room

Production Room

District Executive Work Area

Mid-size Conference Room

Part of the Warehouse Storage Area

Happy Scouting!
Blogmaster Scotto


Friday, February 3, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

Progress is well underway!  The west parking lot has been torn up as well as some of the sidewalks.  They will be replaced next week.  It's a very interesting process that's been exciting to watch. 

The Carpet has finally arrived and is about 75 percent installed.  It's a beautiful color and will match perfectly with the walls etc.  The doors have also arrived and are being stained at this moment!  They will be ready to hang sometime early next week.

The IT Company has completed their portion of work by running and terminating all the new data and phone lines.  We will be getting new phones (Voice over IP) which use the Internet to operate.  These are high tech products that will help us connect you, our great volunteers, with our staff in a timely manner!

Our new furniture should be installed the week of Feb 13th if all goes well and we should move over to the renovated area the following week.

Parking lot renovation

New doors being stained

Happy Scouting!
Blogmaster Scotto

Monday, January 23, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting!
wall colors,
We have seen some progress over the past two weeks.  The new Counters and Cabinets are all in (see photo).  The main flooring is installed but we are waiting for the carpet to come in.  That along with the new doors are expected to be done the first week of February.

If you drive by after today, you will see that the west parking lot has been removed as well as most of the concrete.  The contractor will be repaving the entire lot but will do one side now and the other when Phase 2 of the project begins around mid February.

Our new furniture has arrived in Amarillo but we are waiting for Phase 1 to be done and we are allowed to move.

We've been making lots of decisions as of late as to wall colors, floor patterns, some security issues, and other areas of concern.  This is a huge undertaking and all decisions are being made with Scouts and volunteers in mind.  We think you will be really impressed when you see the final product.

We will ask for your patience once we move back to our "new" area.  The Scout Shop will undertake the biggest part of the move as we relocate them to the new warehouse and set up to continue to meet your needs.  We may be closed for a day or two to get ready but we will announce any plans ahead of time to try to limit the inconvenience.

Look for more soon!

Volunteer work area with High Speed Internet

Grant Construction removing asphalt and concrete from west side

Happy Scouting!
Blogmaster Scotto