Thursday, October 27, 2016

Construction Update

Hello Friends of Scouting!

This week, lots of things have been happening.  The insulation contractors finished spraying the insulation.  This will greatly save on energy costs in the future.

The dirt pad is ready for concrete.  The footings are set and the concrete will be poured on Friday.  The trusses for the new building have been delivered and framing will start early next week. 

The painters are inside putting the last coat of "mud" on the walls before the final texture is put on. 

Lots of activity and NOISE/VIBRATIONS are going on but we are excited that progress is being made every day.

Happy Scouting,
Blogmaster Scotto

Sprayed on insulation

Getting ready to add dirt to the pad

The future home of two offices and a storage area!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Construction Update

Work is really progressing this week! 

The Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors have removed the HVAC units and associated ducting.  Those units were extremely heavy and it was interesting to see the skill they had in removing them!

The main gas line has been relocated so the dirt work can be finished.  Next week we should see some concrete forms being put up and soon after, the concrete will be poured.

Exciting week for all of us!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Progress is being made- we can actually see things happening and I have included picture below.  Many of the existing doors have been either totally been removed or relocated for ADA reasons.  All the Tile has been pulled up as well as several walls have been removed.  We think most of the demolition has taken place but we'll see!

One new wall has been put up (see picture) and the main entrance to the office area (the glass had the BSA symbol engraved on it) has been removed and a wall built in its place.  We've kept that glass for future installation somewhere!

New wall where the Glass Entrance used to be

The first new wall in the building is up!!!!

Happy Scouting!

Blogmaster Scotto

Monday, October 3, 2016

Outside Work begins

Today we saw the big equipment arrive to take out the concrete and surrounding area where the new warehouse will be located.  After several loads taken out, they are almost done!  In addition, the painters have begun taking down the old wallpaper and already are priming some walls to prepare for texturing.  Lastly, office walls are being removed along with door frames- some will be used in other parts of the building!

Rear of the building

Big equipment doing a big job!