Monday, August 29, 2016

Moving Week

Hello All!

This week we will finally be moved out of our staff offices and into the Conference Room!  All 6 of us in one room-should be very interesting!  We all get along- for now!!!

Thanks to one of our own volunteers, we have full IT services- phone and data capability and we were only down for about 3 hours of Internet but never lost the phones!  No big deal you say......all new data and phone line cables had to be run from the rear of the building to the Conference Rooms.  All the printers, computers, and phones all had to have separate lines run.  Electricians had to come in and run 2 special dedicated circuit plugs so we could run our servers, switches, modems, and large printer.  All the equipment had to be moved from one part of the building to another and STILL work!  Lots of work by lots of people!

There will be some needed changes in our operation that you should be aware of.  If you come to visit (and we hope you do!) everyone will have to check in at the front desk.  From there, the person you wish to see will be contacted and he or she will come out to greet you.  Visitors to the Conference Room Offices will be limited because any conversations conducted in the Conference Room Offices are heard by everyone in there and could be disruptive so we ask for your help in this matter!

Look for more soon!

Blogmaster Scotto

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Contract Awarded

Hello Everyone!

Great news to share with you today!!!  We have awarded the renovation to Talon LPE located right here in Amarillo, Texas!  We are proud to be working with them as partners to make our building more volunteer and staff friendly.

Start date is scheduled for September 19 so with that, we have already started the moving process.  Moving you say!  We are staying in the building while the renovation takes place.  The District Executives will work from home and the rest of the staff, with the excpetion of the Scout Shop staff, have already moved into one side of the Conference Room.  They will be there until the back half of the building is completed.  Hopefully around mid February, they will move back to their offices.

We hope you understand that things will have to be a little different around the Office.  Since their are 6 folks in a small portion of the Conference Room, all visitors will have to check in at the reception desk.  They will contact the person you want to visit with and they will come out and greet you.  Visits to the Conference Room "Office" will be very limited to staff and other employees.  Thank you for your understanding!

Have a great Scouting Day!

Blogmaster Scotto