Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

What an awesome few weeks since the last blog posting!  We are ALMOST done with the renovation and we are excited every time we take a tour.  The bathrooms are 98 percent complete, the conference room has carpet down and ceiling tiles/lights installed.  The Scout Shop is going to be amazing for our customers.  The new counters, fireplace, tiles, and rock work are almost finished.  The outside entrance doors are installed and soon, they will be pouring the slab of the new patio.  You will be totally impressed by this area.  Below are a few pictures with more to come soon.
New doors

New Counter to the Scout Shop

Conference Room (East end)


Entrance to the Scout Shop

Happy Scouting!

Blogmaster Scotto

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

After several weeks since the last blog post, we are happy to report that the Scout Service Center should be completed around early June! 

The outside patio area is in work with the 12 columns being bricked with stone accents.  Why 12?  There are 12 points of the Scout Law and these represent those points! 

Inside, the bathrooms are finished and new outside entrance doors have been installed.  Glass is going in, ceiling grids are ready for tiles, and the beautiful display cases and new reception counters are being installed. 

What is really impressive is the cedar wood columns and gorgeous paneling that will stand out to all visitors.

We are anxiously awaiting completion and we, as always, appreciate your patience as we provide our customers (you) a great place to accomplish scouting business.

Outside patio area

Cedar panels