Friday, December 30, 2016

Last Construction Update of 2016

Friends of Scouting,

Today will be the last construction update of 2016!  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to serve our scouts and adults and we are accomplishing this through a newly renovated Scout Service Center- this is your Service Center and we believe the things that you will see sometime round April of this next year, will simply be amazing.

Below you can see the progress that's being made and we should be seeing the new flooring, cabinets, built-in desks and other final items being completed in the next few weeks.  The new furniture is being shipped next week so it should be in Amarillo around the same time Phase 1 of the renovation is done.

Thanks go to our Scouts, Scouters, customers, and importantly, our Staff who are being very patient in a very inconvenient work situation but still giving 100 percent of their effort.

Have a great new year and we look forward to posting more photos in a week or so!

Office with new paint and an accent wall

New warehouse with garage door

Rear of the warehouse getting new stone work
Happy Scouting!

Blogmaster Scotto

Friday, December 9, 2016

Scouting Friends,

Renovations and construction are continuing nicely.  This week, the ceiling grids are being installed in both the old and new areas.  The first coat of primer/texture has been put on, and they are getting the floors ready.  We also contracted with Suddenlink for Internet and TV service.  The Internet is great- we can actually see the speed difference that cable is over DSL.  We will be purchasing large TV's to put in the Conference Rooms where volunteers can use Laptops to do presentations, trainings, etc.

The Storage Building has been sheet rocked and is almost ready for initial priming.  I've included some pictures to look at below.

More to come next week!!!!

Blogmaster Scotto

Sheetrock being installed along with insulation

Ceiling grid finished

Ceiling Grid being installed

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Construction Update

Hello Friends of Scouting!

Construction is moving at a fast pace now!  The painters have finished preparing the walls in the old office area along with the new offices.  The insulation is being finished up in the new part of the building.  Sheetrock is being finished up this week.

We have picked out all the colors of the paint, carpeting, other flooring etc. so that will start soon.

That's about it for this post.  Watch for more next week!

New office

Blogmaster Scotto

Monday, November 14, 2016

Construction Update


There has been lots of progress in the building over the past week or so.  Most of the sheetrock has been installed in the new offices (Donna and Stephen's) and the area where the DE"s offices are.  New door frames are installed and some of the electrical wiring is done.

The most visible change is the new building!  There are two offices and a storage area that we will be able to utilize.  The shingles will be going on soon and the insulation for the new part will be installed soon.

Everything appears to be on schedule!!!

Happy Scouting
Blogmaster Scotto

West side of the new building

Inside of storage building


Friday, November 4, 2016


Hello Fellow Scouters!

We've made some big progress this week!  The new building outside is up and the rafters should be going on either today or Monday.  It's exciting to see this going up.

The electricians are hard at work running new wire and cables throughout the building and the new door frames are going in.

We've contracted with Suddenlink for new Internet and we are actually on the new system now.  What a difference when you increase speeds 100 percent!!!!

Take a look at the pics below!!!!!

Happy Scouting,
Blogmaster Scotto
All the Flagstone has been removed and the windows are ready to come out soon.

New building framing

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Construction Update

Hello Friends of Scouting!

This week, lots of things have been happening.  The insulation contractors finished spraying the insulation.  This will greatly save on energy costs in the future.

The dirt pad is ready for concrete.  The footings are set and the concrete will be poured on Friday.  The trusses for the new building have been delivered and framing will start early next week. 

The painters are inside putting the last coat of "mud" on the walls before the final texture is put on. 

Lots of activity and NOISE/VIBRATIONS are going on but we are excited that progress is being made every day.

Happy Scouting,
Blogmaster Scotto

Sprayed on insulation

Getting ready to add dirt to the pad

The future home of two offices and a storage area!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Construction Update

Work is really progressing this week! 

The Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors have removed the HVAC units and associated ducting.  Those units were extremely heavy and it was interesting to see the skill they had in removing them!

The main gas line has been relocated so the dirt work can be finished.  Next week we should see some concrete forms being put up and soon after, the concrete will be poured.

Exciting week for all of us!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Progress is being made- we can actually see things happening and I have included picture below.  Many of the existing doors have been either totally been removed or relocated for ADA reasons.  All the Tile has been pulled up as well as several walls have been removed.  We think most of the demolition has taken place but we'll see!

One new wall has been put up (see picture) and the main entrance to the office area (the glass had the BSA symbol engraved on it) has been removed and a wall built in its place.  We've kept that glass for future installation somewhere!

New wall where the Glass Entrance used to be

The first new wall in the building is up!!!!

Happy Scouting!

Blogmaster Scotto

Monday, October 3, 2016

Outside Work begins

Today we saw the big equipment arrive to take out the concrete and surrounding area where the new warehouse will be located.  After several loads taken out, they are almost done!  In addition, the painters have begun taking down the old wallpaper and already are priming some walls to prepare for texturing.  Lastly, office walls are being removed along with door frames- some will be used in other parts of the building!

Rear of the building

Big equipment doing a big job!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Making Progress

Hello Friends of Scouting!

Contractors from Talon LPE has been out in force this week tearing down ceiling tiles, insulation, carpet, and the ceilings.  They have disconnected most of the power outlets that are going away. 

Next week will be interesting as the wallpaper will be removed, doors cut out, etc etc. We may even see some concrete being jackhammered away!!!

Main Office area

Area where the DE's Offices were located

Have a great weekend!

Blogmaster Scotto

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So it begins!!

Hello Scouting Friends!

Well, it has begun!  All the furniture has been removed from the part of the building that construction will begin in.  Office cubicles, desks, file cabinets, and personal belongings are all gone!  Thanks to a few staff members, our Camp Don Harrington Ranger, and volunteer, Dustin Speed, we are ready to go.

Talon LPE has put up some boarding to keep (us!!) contractors out of the operating part of the building and the construction fencing, storage trailer, job site trailer will all be on the property by this Friday. 

We have met the Superintendent and Project Managers from Talon LPE and they are great guys.  We appreciate them being a little flexible on the  start date since we had lots of "Show and Sell Popcorn" delivered yesterday to our parking lot!  Now that's all gone, they can start the job.

Customers and visitors will be only able to park on the east side of the building and enter the east door (this is where most enter anyway).  Parking will be tight so please be careful as you enter and exit the lot.

Thanks for reading our blog!  Look for more pictures as we go!

Happy Scouting!

Blogmaster Scotto

                                                               Bob Altman's Desk!!!!
                                                                        Circa 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Moving Week

Hello All!

This week we will finally be moved out of our staff offices and into the Conference Room!  All 6 of us in one room-should be very interesting!  We all get along- for now!!!

Thanks to one of our own volunteers, we have full IT services- phone and data capability and we were only down for about 3 hours of Internet but never lost the phones!  No big deal you say......all new data and phone line cables had to be run from the rear of the building to the Conference Rooms.  All the printers, computers, and phones all had to have separate lines run.  Electricians had to come in and run 2 special dedicated circuit plugs so we could run our servers, switches, modems, and large printer.  All the equipment had to be moved from one part of the building to another and STILL work!  Lots of work by lots of people!

There will be some needed changes in our operation that you should be aware of.  If you come to visit (and we hope you do!) everyone will have to check in at the front desk.  From there, the person you wish to see will be contacted and he or she will come out to greet you.  Visitors to the Conference Room Offices will be limited because any conversations conducted in the Conference Room Offices are heard by everyone in there and could be disruptive so we ask for your help in this matter!

Look for more soon!

Blogmaster Scotto

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Contract Awarded

Hello Everyone!

Great news to share with you today!!!  We have awarded the renovation to Talon LPE located right here in Amarillo, Texas!  We are proud to be working with them as partners to make our building more volunteer and staff friendly.

Start date is scheduled for September 19 so with that, we have already started the moving process.  Moving you say!  We are staying in the building while the renovation takes place.  The District Executives will work from home and the rest of the staff, with the excpetion of the Scout Shop staff, have already moved into one side of the Conference Room.  They will be there until the back half of the building is completed.  Hopefully around mid February, they will move back to their offices.

We hope you understand that things will have to be a little different around the Office.  Since their are 6 folks in a small portion of the Conference Room, all visitors will have to check in at the reception desk.  They will contact the person you want to visit with and they will come out and greet you.  Visits to the Conference Room "Office" will be very limited to staff and other employees.  Thank you for your understanding!

Have a great Scouting Day!

Blogmaster Scotto

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hello Friends!

We are excited to tell you that today, July 26th, 2016, we will be opening the bids that have been submitted to do our remodel.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that within 15 work days, our Council Board will choose the best bid and will award the contract.

We are still expecting work to begin around September 1st but we will know the exact date after meeting with the winning bidder.

Watch for more soon!!

Happy Scouting...

Blogmaster Scotto

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Welcome to our new Blog!!!

Welcome to the first post of this new Blog.  As most of you know, we are about to remodel the Scout Service Center to make it more conducive to current employees and to make it easier for volunteers to use the facility.

So far, we've reviewed the drawings and are about to go out for bids.  Once that's done, we expect bids to be opened in late July and start date around September 1, 2016.

We are adding a storage building in the back of the current space (where the dumpsters are currently) which will be used to eliminate many of the items lying around in the building right now!  We are excited about that!  We are remodeling the area where our District Executives currently work, adding several offices, and upgrading and adding on to the Scout Shop space.  The Conference Room will be significantly more volunteer friendly with high tech equipment.  Lastly, there will be an outside area where we will have a fireplace, benches, and an area where volunteers can meet, Eagle Courts of Honor receptions can take place, and many other opportunities for use by you!

We will post more information as this project proceeds, give you up to date construction information, progress, temporary closing dates, and anything else that keeps you in the know.

Please forward the blog information to other Scouters who may be interested.


Blogmaster Scotto