Friday, March 31, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

This week has been very productive.  The new Air Conditioning/Heating Units are installed and new duct work is taking place.  Both restrooms have been demolished and the plumbers are heard at work remodeling them (they will now be ADA).  A few of the display cases are installed and we are anxiously waiting for the Millwork (carpenters) to finish building all the cabinets.  If you drive by, you will see that the parking lots on the east side is no longed there.  Grant Construction has removed the asphalt and all the concrete that will be replaced soon.

We are anticipating a mid-May completion and we are ready!

New wall mounted toilets will be attached to the plumbing in this picture

Plumbing connections

Display cases

New Fireplace area

Outside dirtwork

Old patio area (we are leaving the tree!!)

Happy Scouting.

Blogmaster Scotto

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