Saturday, February 25, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

We are almost done with Phase 1 of the renovation!  Furniture has been placed, flooring is finished, and we've started some initial moving of items.

We are excited that the west parking lot has lots of ADA upgrades and will soon have new asphalt.  Once that's done, visitors will be able to park on the west side as we close the east side for renovation.

Soon, we will be switching our phone system to Voice over Internet which will allow us better customer service.  Once this takes place, there maybe a phone outage but we will try to give everyone some notice of this.  In addition, the Scout Shop will close for 2 days to move that operation from the current location to the new warehouse located in the new area of the building.  This will only be temporary so bear with us.  We will announce that closing as soon as we know.  Please plan ahead and CALL before coming to the Shop.  We will not be able to do any business during this window.

Staff Break Room

Production Room

District Executive Work Area

Mid-size Conference Room

Part of the Warehouse Storage Area

Happy Scouting!
Blogmaster Scotto


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