Friday, February 3, 2017

Construction Update

Friends of Scouting,

Progress is well underway!  The west parking lot has been torn up as well as some of the sidewalks.  They will be replaced next week.  It's a very interesting process that's been exciting to watch. 

The Carpet has finally arrived and is about 75 percent installed.  It's a beautiful color and will match perfectly with the walls etc.  The doors have also arrived and are being stained at this moment!  They will be ready to hang sometime early next week.

The IT Company has completed their portion of work by running and terminating all the new data and phone lines.  We will be getting new phones (Voice over IP) which use the Internet to operate.  These are high tech products that will help us connect you, our great volunteers, with our staff in a timely manner!

Our new furniture should be installed the week of Feb 13th if all goes well and we should move over to the renovated area the following week.

Parking lot renovation

New doors being stained

Happy Scouting!
Blogmaster Scotto

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